10 Moments When Edinson Cavani Showed All His Class

Edinson Cavani gave the n°7 jersey to Cristiano Ronaldo, making the return of the Portuguese player even more legendary. However, this act of kindness isn’t the only one in Cavani’s career. Here are 9 things that prove El Matador is a class act on and off the pitch.

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  1. Cuadrado did the same thing. He had 7 and he gave it to Ronaldo. It’s not like either of these players had a choice Ronaldo is CR7 he needs the number 7 Cavani and cudrado probably got paid for this number to be taken away.

  2. Love Edi, but family man? It was found that he was seeing a local girl in Naples while his wife Soledad was giving birth to his second child (she later said it was not his first time cheating), then as soon as he reached Paris he left the neapolitan girl for a new one. Not judging, but maybe, among his many qualities "family man" is a bit of a stretch.

  3. You should include showed the moment how Cavani acted with maturity and humble in UEL medallion ceremony, after ManUtd loose in the final. Not like the others ManUtd players who showed dissapointed gestures at the stages

  4. He’s such an incredible human being, morals and professionalism above selfishness. I still don’t understand how anybody actually believed he was racist for a compliment to a friend in his counties slang

  5. people are giving him way too much credit. i think he just didn’t want to bring too much attention to himself by refusing to give ronaldo
    his iconic number

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