10 Sentences That Changed Lionel Messi's Life

Leo Messi is a man that can’t be described in words, however many have tried their luck at encapsulating the essence of one of the best footballers in history. We have compiled the most significant sentences that changed and shaped Messi’s life and perfectly portray who he is, as a footballer, a person, a father, friend and legend. These are the words that made Leo Messi.

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  1. He already is better then Maradona, he don’t even gotta prove him self no more He’s the GOAT alongside cristiano Ronaldo

  2. againste the difficult team in the copa america he did shit he was elected as the worst player in brazil-argentina

  3. Messi is the best no words can hurt him he's the man I think his better than Ronaldo I say he is the king of soccer and the legendary player

  4. Imagine if messi was ur dad and he came to take you from school omg that would be soo cool

  5. Thank to his grandma we owe her a lot of our joy and love today.
    Respect to Rey Hudson his voice in messi's masterpieces sometimes give me tears.

  6. You guys shut up and never say Messi is better than Maradona. You are deluded, selfish, jealous. There is one things these are all about. Those Jealous guys want a way to start demeabing even the world cup. Jealous folk. FYI.Mbappe is already ahead of Messi. Messi is Barcelona and iberia Goat. But Maradona, zidane and Mbappe are in a different league. So except la liga or 1ere league is greater than world cup

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