11 Football Stars Who Dared To Criticize Leo Messi

Lionel Messi is one of the best players in football history. And while he’s dodged many opponents, he unfortunately hasn’t escaped criticism… Some people always find ways to diminish his performances, his trophies and his behavior… And despite all this, La Pulga always responds on the pitch!
Here are 11 football stars who dared to criticize Lionel Messi!

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  1. Pele is better than Messi.. hahaha what a joke. only in Pele's dreams. Pele was playing against amateurs , not even in the top 10 of all time. Shame to even compare him to Maradona, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Messi

  2. "He says such mean things to pepe and Sergio ramos" 不不不不不不不 surley that blokes joking pepe and Sergio ramos kicked the shit out of him everytime they played

  3. Make up your mind; one of the best in the world or the best in the world?
    And its true, Messi is not the best. If hes the best for you, good for you. But hes certainly not the best. Take it or leave it, thats the truth.

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  5. Dudek is ridiculous. So Messi insulted Pepe and Ramos et al.? What do these psychopaths do to him? Spikes to the shin, spikes to the hand, spikes to the face, elbow knocks out his teeth, gives him a black eye. Ramos tries to break his legs with a lunge with straight leg studs up. Week after week, he's kicked, hacked, beaten up, what do you expect of him? And he can't say words against these thugs? Come on. He does not do the same to them.

  6. Modric was right. Was very discourteous for both Messi and Ronaldo to not show up at his Ballon d'or ceremony. Especially Messi. I thought he was better than that. As for sounding off about the corruption in Brazilian football, Messi was right. Look at the way the next day the referee gave both Messi and Medel a red card. Messi did not deserve that in any way, shape or form. Ref didn't wish to see VAR. The match was rigged.

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