12-Year-Old DEADLY Striker Is the FUTURE of US Soccer!

12-year-old soccer prodigy Alessandro Cupini is one of the most SKILLED players in his age group!


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  1. Ik it’s not all about how hard you can kick the ball but he cannot kick it hard I mean like you need a strong kick
    And also if he’s twelve how was there a clip in 2007

  2. As a just turned 13 year old who has played soccer for many years, despite having a massive training center, he won’t ever use footwork like that in game and he mainly seems like an average player.

  3. First of fall it’s football respect the country that invented it second the kid has alright skills but he scored 1 goal in a friendly and at 12 u would expect to see some good players like I’m 14 and I go to my dads mates football and regularly score I’m not the next messi

  4. So basically, if there was a kid somewhere in a foreign country equally skilled (or even better), there is a good chance that this kid here will get spotted bc of his financial support and clout, and your average foreign footballer would probably get very few to no opportunities at all in their entire lives.
    It's sad that money dictates how much freedom one has.

  5. Ok I play on the A team that representes north Idaho in tournaments U12. Not to hate on him,but it seems if you just man marked him you could shut him down. One other thing I am a CB he messes around a lot if you no nonsense mark or step to the ball I think you can beat him. Also this is my mom's account if you were wondering on the profile picture.

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