Learn the 5 most important and basic soccer/football skills.

Footwork Video:

Dribbling Training:


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  1. Thank you so much. I'm having a sport fest in my school and there isnt any good sport except football. And i'm really bad at football so this helped a lot. <3

  2. Tomorrow is my football competition of football in school I am from class 8 our sports day is going on next week will be cricket competition so much excited

  3. I am a kid and I love to play football and I did not knew these tricks so I was not good at football after watching this video and trying it I became good in football

  4. Hey man i am 16 i started playin football but i am so bad i feel like i am useless i want to goal like others please help man i am piece of shit please i am begging you i broke my ankle today it hurts af

  5. The wall has been my passing partner, my goalpost and my teammate. Everytime i "score" i run to the wall and celebrate with it. Great thanks to the wall

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