7 Highest Paid Major League Soccer Players

From Javier Hernandez at LA Galaxy to Gonzalo Higuain at Inter Miami, HITC Sevens takes a look at the highest paid footballers / soccer players in the 2021 MLS season.

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  1. It is a wonder to see how fat & slow Gonzalo Higuain is in person now. Long ago I had wished he had signed for Arsenal. Wenger was right I guess.

  2. It's "Joe-sef" not "Yoe-sef." I know it's tough trying to figure out when you are supposed to use the "Y" sound in Latin American names but this isn't one of those cases. lol.

  3. Only time I ever heard of Carlos Vela is when Zlatan had that interview lmao he really is irrelavent.

  4. Higuain is old, slow, and totally unable to see out 90 minutes. I would rather have a younger, hungry player at my team, he isn't even attracting many Argentinians to our stadium.

  5. I love hearing the derision in your voice every time you speak about Major League Soccer, makes me feel better about our little league.

  6. The crazy part about MLS is the amount of travel from one match to the next. The US is a huge country with 50 States. Not to mention varying weather conditions. Also, they travel to Canada as well for 3 clubs in the MLS are Canadians.

  7. uuhmm??? the US isnt the Worlds richest nation? like BY FAR not ?XD i think you meant something different there friend ^^

  8. Beckhams salary isn’t even the biggest positive of coming to MLS. They gave him the option to purchase an expansion club for $25 million. Which he did for Inter Miami, which is now valued by Forbes as greater than $600 million. This is by far the greatest decision of his career.

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