7 Players That Really Hate Neymar

Neymar is an incredible player, no one would disagree. In a fraction of a second he’s capable of changing the course of a match by himself. Extremely technical with the ball at his feet, he often winds up his opponents with dribbles only he knows how to do. Some people hated the Brazilian. Here are 7 players who truly hate Neymar.

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  1. this is why he will never win a ballandor

    you must be respectful to everyone because at tge end, you are voted to win the ballandor

    media influence wont take anyone far

    skills can be immense but you should respect people too

  2. Djalo was 100% correct, when there is a fight amongst two players, the media makes the more loved player look better

  3. I agree with Adil Hami. When attackers grow greedy and lose the ball after wasting time, its the defenders who has to struggles when the opposition come back with a counter attack. Also the attackers usually won't get back to defence after losing the ball. It's so frustrating.

  4. Not all media is the same so..no you’re not protecting him in this video 😂 these videos are a lot better

  5. Nymar is just too good that why alot of players do not like him I mean it is not bad to use your skills when nymar skills them they camplen alot

  6. Love or hate him;
    But you can't criticize a football player for tunneling you; whether ur a profi or not;
    Or bc of the fact
    you are a professional you should accept it like a man

  7. Don't underestimate Neymar
    After Ronaldo he is my favorite player and inspiration….
    Messi is also my fav plyr

  8. This video should have been 7 players who've fought with Neymar, because out of all the 7 names you gave, only 1 or 2 players actually hate him here.

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