9-Year-Old Soccer Prodigy Has RIDICULOUS Touch! 🔥

9-year-old Jaylen Aybar has RIDICULOUS soccer skills and the work ethic to match it!


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  1. fantastic quality…I wonder what kind of speed he has. These really technical kids always dominate the smaller pitches, but when they get on the 120×75 they tend to fall behind when they don't have the pace.

  2. The older these kids get the more they will realise that training more than 2 hours a day is harmful and can lead to overstressing the muscles. As they hit puberty they probs wont be able to train so much due to growing pains etc

  3. Football/soccer is the most popular sport in the world literally a billion kids play soccer thinking one day they'll be the next Ronaldo, Messi, or Neymar. News flash parents stop being morons thinking your kid is the next English premier star. The fact this 9 year old is in a camp strictly for football is the dumbest thing I've seen in awhile. Yea lets sacrifice this kids Education and train 4 hours a day for the fraction of this kids chance to actually make it. Let the fricken kid be a kid my goodness.

    Play sports for the love of it, 99.99% of student athletes will need an education to star in a profession of their choice to work in, over making it as a professional football player. But here we are, parents are dumb

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