1. I feel like everyone that plays football had a pair of those black and white football boots

    And God damn are they horrible they Rip easily and arent very comfortable

  2. Remember, football boots don’t instantly make you better. It won’t make you better than your classmate. The expensive boots are for those really determined in the sport in which the tiniest details matter the most plus more longevity

  3. I bought really expensive shoes because its more comfortable, it gives more space because i have big feet and i can wear them for like a year or two.

    Tip: don't but expensive shoes when your feet are still growing a lot

  4. What he says is pretty stupid because Shure you can buy football boots for 20 bucks but they won't feel any good and it's like wearing crocks so yeah it's a waste of money

  5. I think the cheap boots could've had more grip if they had fg studs so the grip test wasn't really true but I can't blame you I didn't know a thing when I first saw football boot

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