Coach it Soccer for iPad

Coach it Soccer is an iPad application for Coaches who manage youth and competitive soccer teams.

Forget paper lineups and trying to keep them up-to-date during the game! Now, creating lineups and changing them is as easy as dragging your finger across the screen! Statistics input and reporting help you refine skills!

Having trouble managing how to sub 5 players? Substitutions are made simple through a unique drag-and-drop function that will generate a list of substitution players when the time comes. For the Rec. coach, timers keep track of players’ ‘in’ and ‘out’ times so you don’t have to. Easy-to-use gametime statistical input will help you decide what areas need to be worked on for next game, as well as whom to currently reward for great performance. Field tested during the 2010 Fall Season, Coach it Soccer helps you manage your players so you can concentrate on every minute of the game!

“It is flexible, intuitive and easy to use with just enough options so that any level of coach — from the newest rec coach to a competitive trainer — would find it useful for their needs and team level. I will demo it at next season’s coaches’ meeting.”

WC Fire Coach Rob
Coaching Coordinator

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  1. It's still shock me just how many people don't know about Episoketren System although many people improve their soccer skills using it with it. Thanks to my personal friend who told me about this. I have improve my soccer skills.

  2. Hi
    lovely application, really fantastic. is there any contact details where i can contact you. i want to speak with you futher. I see u huge marketpotential in it. Well done

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  4. A nice touch would be for the app to know if a player receives a "red card" (in stats) that the player is removed from the field and keeps it at only 10 players for rest of game.

  5. Can you share this app with an asst coach when you miss a game? In other words is the data stored somewhere that if my ipad is not at the field someone else can keep the stats and then I can access them later to keep season totals correct?

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  7. Would this app work on the ipad mini? I am in the market for an ipad and this app would be great to add to it, but I am not sure if it would work on the mini or only on the larger ipads. What would be better to use this app on?

  8. Hi – great app – bought it yesterday – however I coach mini soccer in UK and we have to play 5 a side for first 3 seasons – is there a way of selecting 5 a side – also can you vary the formations? Would be great upgrades if not currently available

  9. Brian, interesting thought. I can see this for subs also…"sub Ally for Kate". Will have to see how voice recognition works when fans/parents are screaming. Thanks for the input.

  10. Very impressed by this app but would love to see a voice activation tool, so say kate foul committed or Ally fouled and the ipad to hear that and input the stat, also a voice recognition set up for those stats so you could set up what pass sounds like, what shot missed is, etc. looks really useful for the subs alone but the stats would distract too much from the game and are only important in post game…. Just a thought.

  11. To Delete an opponent's goal, go to Show Game Stats in the Game Dashboard, and select Timeline, then Edit. Select the goal and click delete. You must have the game Open in order to do this.

    In delay mode you can substitute as few or as many as you want. Maybe I don't understand your question. Can you please clarify.

  12. Good Evening Coachit
    I can't seem to figure out how to delete a goal by an opponent. Could you provide assistance? In delay mode you can plan your substitutions with 5 or more substitutes. It would be nice to be able to do the same with fewer substitutes as well.

  13. Holger, your english is fine.

    To enter goals and other stats of an opponent, schedule and start a game. Once a game is started you will see an additional button called "Opponent Stat". There you can enter goals. To schedule a game select Games and enter a new game date and opponent. You can start the game from there.


  14. Hi Michael. The choices for Stats like Assist, Goal, Save DO appear when you select the player during a game. And yes, if I am tracking a lot of stats sometimes I do have an assistant record those but that does detract from the benefits of the app even if I'm not the one inputting the data.

  15. Any formation can be created in the App using the Formations Module. You can use one of the existing formations, make changes (add or delete positions, rename them) and save a a new formation. Takes less than a minute.

  16. I like the idea of using an app to assist in coaching, however I am yet to find reviews that tell me how the app really worked. Like did it make a difference in your athletes performance and then how did it? Does anyone have a success story.

  17. Wouldnt the interface/handling be faster if alot of the choices appear when you click the player ?. Like assists, saves, goal, swap ect. ?
    Unless you have an assistent it seems a little hard running the program real time if you want to follow the game.

  18. I like the app. A couple of suggestions. The first one is on the games. When I put in my schedule of games, the order is backwards meaning my last game of the season is at the top and the first game is at the bottom. I would to have that switched. Also, I don't a way to be to draw on the current app. I would like a way to draw out plays as you can in iCoach. Thanks.

  19. I purchased today this app and I use it to manage my Futsal team (5×5). its possible to change the field (soccer 11×11) to a Futsal field ? and are you thinking in to enable the feature to move the players free in the game dashbord ?
    best regards,

  20. Not bad. It would be great if you could have 3v3, 4v4, 6v6, 8v8, 9v9 etc.. Wish you could reshape the shape of the 11v11 formation too. If you could combine all the great features with the Courtside Technology app for basketball it would be almost perfect.

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