1. GREAT video, and love the Marvel perspective of the hobby, it's a well known secret now LOL. That guy was definitely dramatic….smdh. I hope to be able to talk with you at the Houston card show, Dan!! Feel free to check my opinions out, sir. Be Safe and Good Vibes your way!

  2. [SELL MODERN and BUY VINTAGE? Surprising New Data Tells All!] Dan. Check out Geoff Willson's latest vlog on the stats of modern vs vintage sales in 2021. I haven't a clue what's going to happen. One thing? There's still millions of cards poised to be released by PSA and I'm betting most are modern. Couple that with the fact that in the past year we can't truly know how many people have divested and moved on? There will be a sucking wind in the hobby if a bunch of those "investors" have jumped ship? Fanatics is "banking" on all these newcomers flushed with cash to spend a lot of money on modern product. The prices of unopened by Panini e.g. is way out there. Only time will tell? Would be a good topic for one of your next vlogs?

  3. Believe me – there is zero meaningful interest in soccer in the USA. And there is no real interest in soccer cards, star wars cards, or any other odd ball variant. The interest lies in the next x/10 gold shimmer mosaic on-card-auto refractor that can be flipped to the next guy under the greater fool theory of investing. The subject matter is no longer relevant.

  4. Hiya Dan. Thanx for sharing. I think I've said this before. Unless trading a GOAT for GOAT? I'm not a fan. Felt like I was there on the floor. Again – looks like you were having fun – that's the best! 👍

  5. Was so good to finally meet you and Merlin this weekend at the Dallas show! Appreciate your content and helping me learn more about this hobby!! Safe Travels…..

  6. Yo Yo Yo Congratulations 🍾 I saw You on live at trade night !!! Looks like you and Merlin had a a great weekend Peace ✌️ Love ❤️ Respect ✊ my brother !!! Awesome !!! So excited Happy New Year 2022 the Year of the Card Shows!!!

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