Denmark Soccer Player Christian Eriksen COLLAPSES, CPR Performed On Field | Frightening Scene!


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  1. This wasnt only broadcast on BBC. Filming of football tournaments are carried out by the tournaments own filming team, so every channel around the world has the exact same footage. The only difference on the channels showing the games is the commentary. All the images are distributed by a single entity who provide coverage to the broadcasters. People watching the game in the Netherlands, Germany, France all saw the same footage.

  2. Such a classy move that the players surrounded him just in case his final moments were shown live on TV. Still remember Marc-Vivienne Foe tragedy to this day and it was definitely a touch of class by the players. I'm glad he's made a recovery. Love from 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  3. Class act Sports Wars and Ryan for making this video and posting it the way you did without the unnecessary life/death possibility clip w potential improper CPR attempts. As always, Ryan kicks ass and is my favorite personality on this channel, though you’re all good dudes here..

  4. Pause the video clip just before he drops and look at the colour of his face…..very pale and grey. Technically, he is on his feet but I think he's already in Cardiac Arrest or experiencing a life threatening cardiac arrhythmia. Thank God he was given medical assistance immediately. Hopefully he will get better and go on to live a long healthy life.

  5. Couldn't believe this when I was watching it. Thank god he's stable I wish him the speediest recovery. But WTF is wrong with the BBC? Even when Fabrice Muamba collapsed they didn't film it and that was an identical situation.

  6. Recent reports of enlarged heart in young people after getting the jab, now this. Maybe it's a coincidence, maybe not. But we'll likely only find out if it was unrelated… For your own protection, of course.

  7. Not sure what the problem is with showing him getting treatment but cutting to his wife in the stands is pretty gross. I assume that is the issue.

    You could argue they didn't realize the seriousness of the situation but even if he had a busted knee it is not appropriate to cut to his family so that excuse is bunk.

  8. Get CPR training now and make a difference
    1 in 5 Adults will witness someone collapse in their lifetime
    Get trained don't wait till its to late
    Could be the difference
    Would you know what to do if this happens?

  9. Some main TV outlets (similar to CNN) in Spain are getting a lot of similar criticism for the same thing. Apparently Eriksen is stable and conscious now, which is really good. Sadly it is most likely he will have to quit professional sports at his peak

  10. We watch WWII documentaries of naked Jews being led to slaughter or buried in mass graves in HS and colleges or on PBS but we can't watch a guy get medical attention!? If it was gruesome (like a race care driver being decapitated) I understand but this question of "should BBC have cut away?" is nonsense! That's playing into the woke BS and snowflake culture. Everyone was concerned and wanted to see what happened. Do you not remember seeing people jump out of the twin towers on 9/11!? That's horrible/questionable "maybe" if you believe in censorship but an athlete on the field not moving is ridiculous. Jesus, how soft have we become? Let's just block all scary topics from television and make it a safe space.

  11. I do hope he will be ok. He is a great player and was shocking to see it happen. They did finish the game 90 mins later. Huge credit to both teams for wanting to finish the match. Not an easy thing to do. The crowd and Finnish players gave the Denmark team a huge round of applause when they came on the pitch. Fair play to everyone involved the speed and reaction was on point. Thought are with his family and friends and I hope he recovers as quickly as he can.

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