Duke Soccer Player Gets Rocked After Taunting UCLA Goalie

“…After Stroud’s game-winning goal, though, UCLA’s Pietro Grassi took issue with Ulfarsson apparently talking to the Bruins’ goalie and pushed him over from behind, getting himself an immediate red card. Obviously an emotional game, especially for the Bruins as they stared down the final minutes of their season, the energy boiled over. For a while, the clock had to be stopped as players from both sides pushed at each other and refs and team captains stepped between to cool the tension.

“It’s part of the sport, and people are competitive. That’s why you play, because if you’re just straightforward and and you don’t have any emotion, you’re not going to get very far,” Kerr said of the game’s frenzied nature.

The crowd, equally as riled up as the players, didn’t sit for the rest of the game and applauded Ulfarsson as he walked off the field after junior Scotty Taylor subbed in for the final minutes. The last seconds left in the game slipped away, even as the Bruins desperately tried to overcome a two-man disadvantage to get an equalizer, and the cheers of Koskinen Stadium were probably heard around the whole city of Durham. ”

– The Duke Chronicle

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