EVERY Way to Control a Ball in Football or Soccer

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0:00 Intro
0:37 Top of Foot
1:05 Lift Behind
1:33 Inside of Foot
1:59 Underside of Foot
2:30 Chest
2:56 Chest Pass
3:20 Head
3:36 Thigh
3:59 Outside Of Foot
4:36 Turn Touch
5:15 Over the Shoulder
6:01 Toe Stop
6:53 Scissor Control
7:39 Juggle Control
8:25 Over the Shoulder Half Volley
9:05 Outside of Foot
9:53 Slide Control
10:32 Cruyff Control
11:08 Behind the Leg
11:36 Heel Control
12:09 Back Control
12:41 Touch Turn
13:32 Behind the Leg touch turn



  1. Inikah yg harus di pelajari pemaen Indonesia
    Pasing control dan menjaga bola biar GK cepat kehilangan di momen menyerang
    Dasar sepak bola itu simple tp tidak boleh di sepelakan karena dasar harus benar dan kuat contoh kecilnya seperti kita bangun rumah
    Pondasi harus benar dan kuat juga bahanya harus bagus dan berkualitas
    Dan bukan cukup sampe disini
    Fasilitas dan infrastruktur harus di bangun
    Serta gizi para pemaen di perhatikan

    seperti kita bangun rumah

  2. Bro some time get a speedy ground ball but trying to stop it go 3 feet front and stop how solv it

  3. how about turn and touch ?? i didn't see that in the video its 1 of the most basic and important skills to control the ball

  4. i have learnt all of these first touches have you got any others btw i made one where you bounce it of the floor with your heel and it goes over the defender

  5. Super 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌super skilling super stoping wow super 👌 fotbool👌⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️👌

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