1. The funny part is that "soccer" was coined in the UK first.
    "But you don't have to take my word for it"

  2. Actually soccer is a European name. It's an abbreviated version of association football somehow.

  3. I am sorry for doing this

    Soccer came before American football. Also, the UK created the term “soccer” but then changed it to “football” because the rest of the world called it football. America chose to call it soccer, but they didn’t come up with the term.

  4. Funny because Europeans invented the word soccer, not Americans. European English speakers mostly called it that for its first century of existence, and some still do.
    The reason those games came to be called football is because they weren't played on horseback, so the American variation that evolved from soccer and rugby is indeed one of history's footballs. The particular type of football that was standardized and became most popular over much of the world was called soccer at its origin.

  5. I assumed it was related to the spanish words socorro or socar somehow… or maybe because it makes you mad enough to sock someone?

  6. Actually Soccer comes from Britain which was a slang way of saying "Association" from Association Football. Also "football" was used for a lot of sports that were played on foot as opposed to on horseback.

  7. Football, Soccer, and Rugby all come from the same origin: Folk Football, a field or cross-country ball game on foot (as opposed to on horse, as was the style back when way people had horses) with loose rules that varied between European people and their colonies before they came together to form standardized rules in tournaments and associations.

    Soccer, the word, is actually a British term that comes a slang abbreviation of A*ssoc*iation Football. When European immigrants brought Soccer with them in the late 19th and 20th centuries, "soccer" was used since "football" was already in use for the American style of Folk Football (again, a ball game played on *foot*).

  8. Ppl always bitch at the US for this… the word Soccer was coined by Brit’s, to distinguish asSOCiation football from rugby, which is also called rugby football, and a cousin/predecessor of gridiron football, aka American football

  9. I just differentiate them by putting "American" intront of sports. Ex: American football, football

  10. Actually the uk was the first to call it soccer then when the us started calling it soccer they went back to football. I believe it is actually some sort of abbreviation

  11. Blame the British for both
    Association Football shortened to Soccer

    Rugby-Football shortened to Football

    They came up with both the names

  12. Us Brits actually called it soccer as a short form of association football to help differentiate between other 'footballs' like rugby, Australian rules, Gaelic and American football. Just using football was good enough though

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