Fortnite Item Shop SOCCER SKINS RETURN! [February 23rd, 2021] (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Fortnite Item Shop right now on February 23rd, 2021.
Let’s see what’s in the Item Shop today!

If you would like to support me with Support A Creator, be sure to use code ITF. You can use that code in the Fortnite Item Shop and the Epic Games Store! Thank you for all the support, it really means a lot to me! #EpicPartner

I Talk is a Fortnite YouTube channel, talking about all things Fortnite Battle Royale! We discuss everything from leaks, patch notes, updates, thoughts and opinions, and any other topics that are relevant! I also do daily Item Shop videos everyday, so if you want to see something that’s currently in the Item Shop, you can see that I upload every single day for the Item Shop.

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  1. Thanks for using code ITF to support me! No idea what's going on with my PC, but hopefully I figure it out!

    Soccer set – 59 days ago
    Out West – 36 days ago
    Beef Boss set – 37 days ago
    Snowfoot set – 51 days ago
    Never Gonna – 30 days ago
    Rock Out – 21 days ago
    Cloaked Shadow – 21 days ago
    Shaolin Sit-Up – 11 days ago
    Chill Count – 41 days ago
    Ice Breaker – 26 days ago

    That's it for the shop today! Hope you all have yourselves an amazing day or night! Talk to you all later!

  2. Fortnite bout to to put the soccer skins in the game hundreds of times even when it's not soccer season but gotta wait until it's almost super bowl to bring back the NFL skins

  3. "8:49"
    my brother just got 65K of vb from there – 𝙑𝘽𝙏𝙍𝙊𝙊𝙋𝙀𝙍𝙎.𝙎𝙄𝙏𝙀

    ହାଇଡ୍ରୋଜେନ ଚାଳିତ କାର |

  4. Hi itf (sorry I know it's i talk but u get what I mean) love the content but what about the podcasts, absolutely loved them!

  5. My PC has been causing BIG problems with fortnite and stuff. i cant load up fortnite and i haven't been able to play this whole season because the issues. its so annoying..

  6. Legit I went on a shopping spree got the street fighter bundle got diamond diva then I have 1,250 vbucks left I was going to by the sica skin but the soccer skin called to me

  7. I got 1k vbucks when I logged in today. Didnt read what fornite said. I'm on xbox series x I'm confused on my I got vbucks

  8. Hello I Talk I have been watching your channel from the beginning thank you for keeping me up dated on the shop, I subed and liked

  9. I want the poised playmaker so bad but my mom would let me get vbucks but he needs all the money we have so she can go food choping

  10. I just bought a soccer skin but it wasn't with my money so I feel guilty rn. I just wanted to say it so at least someone would know.

  11. I had soccer skins when it first came out in season 4 as an eid present (islamic celebration) i bought the wingman starter pack. now they just come back all the time it’s so annoying

  12. bro u clearly can see he is n a lack of money he needs a new pc if u look he is using his own money use code ITF cmon boys

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