FULL HIGHLIGHTS : USA vs S.KOREA – Women's Soccer Friendly Match│Oct.22,2021

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USA vs S.KOREA – Women’s Soccer Friendly Match │FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS│Oct.22,2021



  1. USA needs long shot goals lol.. Christen Press usually can provide that, actually Carly Lloyd can do long shot goals, just need some technical practices 😂

  2. Since going woke the team sucks! Get rid of Rapinoe…begin respecting God & Country and things will turn around and they will, once again, become winners. Staying the present course will only lead to more disappointment and frustrations!

  3. Koreans defended superbly. Alas, their attack was indecisive, and at times I was really wondering: standing in front of the 16m box and dribbling the ball with herself isn't going to score a goal.
    If they had put a fraction of the determination their defense had into the attack, they may well have scored a goal or three.

  4. 6:52 "…they got caught up on each other.." No she couldn't beat the Korean defender and committed the foul from behind. Once the Korean cut in front, it's no longer 50/50 ball. Not a fair commentating

  5. At this point give me Smith, Pugh, and Rose creating over Morgan and Rapinoe. Time to start change some of the guard. Davidson showed some good defense. We need somebody to be better than Dalkemper.

  6. When that Salazar moron is calling the game I pray we don't score so I don't have to hear him crying goooooooaaal. Someone needs to tell him he isn't in South America anymore. The games he calls are unwatchable. Pronouncing everyone's name with bad ethnic accents is pathetic.

  7. ….USA really needs a play making mid that can keep the ball. The World has gotten better, and the way USA loses it's shape because too many people going forward WILL get punished. This team really needs to focus on keeping possession and making runs off ball, it's just too much 1 v 1 play and no cohesion in the build up.This team has to evolve it's play if they wish to continue it's winning ways.

  8. Why are people acting like Morgan was hogging the ball. Passing in the penalty area was almost impossible without Korea blocking or turning the ball over. She was making runs by herself to take advantage of the small numbers near goal. This is highlight reel showing the U.S's best attempts at goal it doesn't show what they tried to do but didn't work due to Koreas good defending.

  9. Our soccer I.Q. is built on athleticism and physicality/power. How many balls were crossed blindly into the box without identifying a U.S. player? How many shots were taken when the keeper has the angle covered instead of passing the ball to another making a run inside the box? How many extra touches were taken closing down the opportunity? It looked like our play during the Olympics, with nothing changed or learned from the experience. Passing and connected play needs to be better. And it's time we need to introduce younger players that are hungry and wanting to prove themselves into our starting 11. After all, we have the largest talent pool of any to select from.

  10. Credit to the Korean keeper. I’ve never seen the US unable to capitalize on so many opportunities. I also love seeing Pugh & Smith on the field simultaneously. They are scrappers and playmakers. It was criminal to leave them off the Olympic roster.

  11. It’s time to say goodbye to the worst Coach Vlatko, troublemaker Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan. They can’t play anymore. If USSOCCER’S manger don’t want to REMOVE them, then he needs to be fired too.

  12. What a great game! US needs to work on passing and their set pieces. Germany and Denmark are going to be super punishing if they don’t get that worked out. Seemed like no one looked up and just went by where people are supposed to be. Also need more practice with a bunker defense. Lots of missed opportunities.

    South Korea? Y’all fucking killed it! Great hustle and sacrifice! Defense was amazing and your goalie is full on fire!! Wonderful saves! Keep it up!

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