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    Must Read you will know best thing here ,
    if you ignore this message then you will think about it , what was written in that whole message .
    Before Your Death know your creator and follow the order of your creator
    Allah – Arabic Word ] Creator Name
    Iswar – Hindi Word. ] in Diff Lang
    God – English Word ]
    = > You cant make creator but he created you
    = > No One created ALLAH/GOD , actually creator is
    beyond from our imagination ,
    beyond from our limits ,
    beyond from our thinking , ability etc etc

    GENERALLY people do
    God Vs Science
    = > science is to know about things which is made by GOD and Human's science have limits to know things , even humans can't know fully about created things and matter properties , then how can they know about the creator ALLAH looks like ?
    we have limits on everything ,
    we can only see Signs of GOD in this world

    Signs Of Allah/god
    1 ) As we know " Energy Can't Be Created Nor Be Destroyed But May Be Transfer From One Body To Another "
    who made this energy , from where it comes from . This is the ALLAH/CREATOR/GOD who made energy and everything , he made also that thing which can not be see by our eyes , listen by our ear, or we cant even think and imagine about them.
    there are so many things which are hidden bcz god know everything and we can't even imagine that things.
    2 ) Allah made you from dirty drop of water from your (dad,mom) and this water Turns into bones regular pumping heart eye ear toungue & it takes shape, a perfect shape size it cant differ.
    3 ) Allah gives you a identity from that drop of dirty water, example
    your face is different from whole world people, and give you eyes which sees and give you different fingerprint every finger have different fingerprint from your every finger and every finger have different fingerprint from whole world people fingerprints.
    4 ) suppose if GOD not gives you nose then when you eat food then you cant take breath , think how the perfection of our body is made by our creator ALLAH .
    5 ) Think about creator , how he made you , is it a joke no no , I don't want anything from you and you will not give me anything , try to understand .
    6 ) see egg of hen it is dead but allah create and make in it leg ,eye , ear , heart etc and convert it in to a living creature , and that creature know how to eat , speak , drink , walk this is sign of that allah the CREATOR of everything .
    7 ) ALLAH/GOD Made ant , how small it is and it have mind to think , small eyes to see who fit eye lens in it , and have more and more sense than humans , can identity easily where is the sweet and meat . ALLAH made more smaller things than ant , spider etc etc these are signs of Allah .
    8 ) think about hair cells , your hand hairs have limit of increasing , you eye hairs have limit of increasing , your head hairs have different limits so this shows that they are made up of same cells but controlling not by you and not by that cells but your creator Allah .
    9 ) we say speed light is fastest , ( after researching to a limit by scientists ) before research they were thinking about any other thing, may be they will think Tomorrow about any other thing.
    now we should think the creator ALLAH who made light and properties of every matter , how much ALLAH the creator is faster and powerful .

    is it a coincidence no bro no, try to understand.
    don't think this is a message only, take it serious.
    and so plz minimum one time read Quran it is a word of God, check my playlist ,
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    = > Do You Think That you are controlling YOUR SELF ?
    1) Your heart is running can you stop it now ? NO
    can you live without oxygen ? NO
    can you live without food and water ? NO
    (bcz you are not controlling your self because it is controls by your creator ALLAH)

    2) You need to sleep to recover your self ,
    if you can control your self then stop this process you cant do it .

    THINK ABOUT when people start to imagine CREATOR ALLAH, they start to make their own GOD, we can't imagine creator .
    for example
    = > they make pictures, sculpture etc and pray to that pictures
    can you make god ? no
    " you cant see God in this world , you can see God after this world if you obey God/ALLAH "
    is God a human being ? no

    = > About Some created God By Humans, some fake god require to eat food , some human worship stone and some worship real god but not follow his order .
    If God eat food then have call of nature means need toilet to poop and pee . IT IS NOT THE QUALITY OF GOD so remove these fake gods now .
    Allah send messages to their messenger ( Jesus , Mohammad , Adam , Moses , ABRAHAM etc ) so that , they tell that message to the people , bcz ALLAH/CREATOR wants to check people , who follow his order and who don't.
    we can't say these messengers are son of GOD.
    for example
    IN CHRISTIANITY, They Pray To Jesus as son of God.
    = > we cant pray to Messengers like Jesus , Mohammad , Adam , Moses , ABRAHAM etc
    but we should pray to the creator ALLAH/God in the way of his messenger, now last messenger is Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam .
    = > Even we cant worship muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam. we can worship only one creator ALLAH .
    if we worship Muhammad then we will be in Hell .
    = > Keep in mind that Muhammad cannot make a single fly,
    = > we should follow last messenger Muhammad and should obey him.
    ( now last book is Quran in which ALLAH'S words are written) for guidance of people.

    JESUS is neither a god nor a son of God,

    before jesus birth , people follow whom ,
    before prophet jesus people follow prophet of that time like Adam , Moses , Noah , Abraham etc .
    These were the messenger of Allah at their time on earth now last messenger is Muhammad , you should follow Muhammad now.
    = > when people tryied to torture JESUS
    and want to beat him and kill him even they were thinking to hang on neils etc etc etc

    is it a quality of god that any one can beat him and to nail , jail and hang him , torture him.
    2) Jesus Eat Food When He Was Hungry
    is it a quality of god ? ( Hungry God ) if he eat food then also do toilet for pee and poop
    at that time no toilet seat was there so they used to do that in hidden in grass and back of some trees and stones etc
    is it a quality of God ? No

    = > why some people wants to kill Jesus and want to hang on neils ?
    because Jesus called people towards Allah/God the creator of everything . so the ruler of that time thinking that jesus will destroy our king rulings , bcz people wanted to follow of true path of the creator .

    = > Some people says JESUS DIE FOR OUR SINS
    This is totally wrong
    if someone rape your wife , sister , mother and murder your family .
    Then , will you say , he will be in heaven bcz Jesus died for his sins ?
    Jesus had ever say that "enjoy your life do whatever you want , kidnap a young girl and rape her and do robbery , do murder etc etc
    And I want to die for your sin then you will be in heaven , and hang me on Neil etc etc "

    NO don't make your on thoughts .
    this is your thought , and this thought is wrong

    = > COMMANDMENT Of Creator Is .
    1 ) Allah is only one god and prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam Allah's Last messenger

    2 ) Namaz/prayer according to prophet muhammad sallallahu alehi vasallam .
    if you ignore these 5 times prayer then you will be sinful ,
    if you do your own type prayers then this will be rejected bcz you have to follow messenger not created your own
    and obey Allah then you will be in paradise inshallah
    " REMEMBER you have to go back to that creator ALLAH who is the master of all "

    = > Islam is for everyone not only for Muslim bcz
    muslim means submit to one creator
    when you were child then you only submitted your self to your creator you were muslim .
    it doesn't not matter who are you now and from where you belong and what you followed in past ?

    DONT JUDGE MUSLIM to see islam,
    to see islam you should read QURAN and sunnah of prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam .
    in islam worship only creator one Allah in the way OF his messenger Muhammad

    = > YOU should follow ALLAH the creator and it will be true for you
    If You Follow It.
    if you do not follow then
    you reject it , you ignore it and you reject the creator .
    Allah says in Quran chapter 2 Ayatul kursi
    " Allah! There is no god ˹worthy of worship˺ except Him, the Ever-Living, All-Sustaining. Neither drowsiness nor sleep overtakes Him. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. Who could possibly intercede with Him without His permission? He ˹fully˺ knows what is ahead of them and what is behind them, but no one can grasp any of His knowledge—except what He wills ˹to reveal˺. His Seat encompasses the heavens and the earth, and the preservation of both does not tire Him. For He is the Most High, the Greatest.. "

    your whole life depend on what you choose bcz ALLAH the creator will ask you about this life after this life

    search my channel playlist i added some quran chapter of prophets like noah , Abrahm, etc check it plz

    what will happen after death with you ?
    and so plz minimum one time read Quran it is a word of god , i promise you will know everything that you want…,…,

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