GAMEDAY vs 4th IN THE LEAGUE | D2 College Soccer Player

This weekend we’re on the road vs 4th in the League! Hope this gives you a little insight into the student-athlete life!


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The equipment and software I use.
Canon M50

Canon Powershot SX510 HS

GoPro Hero 5

HitFilm 4 Express

Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod


  1. Come onnnnn, finally getting my dosage of the Griffalo. Haven’t watched fully but I’m already expecting a banger. Keep bringing out the amazing content, keep working hard. We’re all behind you encouraging you. Always much love and support. DO IT FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME❤️⚽️

  2. Ok this is gonna be a long one
    So first I have to explain the minnesotan youth soccer prymid, I will rank it from lowest to highest Rec,C3,C2,C1,National,ENCL,MLS Next.
    Ok now I can get to the explaining I want to get to the MLS Next level and I have 6 months to do it, I am at the C1 level. How can I get to the level I want to be in. ( and I know I have to do work but like what Drills,How long per day I should be practicing,Diet,Should I gain muscle?, etc

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