GAMEDAY vs 4th IN THE LEAGUE | D2 College Soccer Player

This weekend we’re on the road vs 4th in the League! Hope this gives you a little insight into the student-athlete life!


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The equipment and software I use.
Canon M50

Canon Powershot SX510 HS

GoPro Hero 5

HitFilm 4 Express

Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod


  1. My buddy Jack plays for UMSL and wears number 5! If only you were able to share the footage of his assist.. Congrats on the win though, keep it going!

  2. Come onnnnn, finally getting my dosage of the Griffalo. Haven’t watched fully but I’m already expecting a banger. Keep bringing out the amazing content, keep working hard. We’re all behind you encouraging you. Always much love and support. DO IT FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME❤️⚽️

  3. nice vid bro you inspire me to stay right and healthy for when i go to spain next year to play, next time put it top corner tho 🙂

  4. Ok this is gonna be a long one
    So first I have to explain the minnesotan youth soccer prymid, I will rank it from lowest to highest Rec,C3,C2,C1,National,ENCL,MLS Next.
    Ok now I can get to the explaining I want to get to the MLS Next level and I have 6 months to do it, I am at the C1 level. How can I get to the level I want to be in. ( and I know I have to do work but like what Drills,How long per day I should be practicing,Diet,Should I gain muscle?, etc

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