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  1. Congratulations guys. Next step is to start playing in the big Copa America against the South American teams and that’s when your gonna go to the next level 🔥🔥🔥

  2. All the Mexican players wearing gloves coz their wee hands can't handle the cold I can get but the amount of Canadian players wearing them too baffles me. Some of you guys have Scottish blood in your veins you should be fine with cold 🤣

  3. 5:00 Canada’s gk is a little lost😂 how can he dive and try the save the ball after it went in, the poor guy is just trying to celebrate his goal and run with the ball lmaoooo

  4. Canada is one of the only countries who lay a long awkward shot on the net, that’s almost impossible for the goalie to handle cleanly, and send someone in to clean up the inevitable rebound, it’s almost like a Hockey style dump and chase, or a shot from the point with traffic infront. It’s unorthodox in the football world, but leave it to Canada to master that skill.

  5. I feel proud of Canada for playing so well in soccer. The women's team has shown that they are a formidable opponent and now the men's team are playing well. Go Canada Go!

  6. MEXICO, is FRAUD, when it comes to SOCCER, The never give a chance to the best SOCCER PLAYERS in all of MEXICO. All these Players like OCHOA, are people with no talent, but with too much influence and corrupt power. Remember "CHICHARITO" Hernandez ?, just another FRAUD. FROM A HONEST MEXICAN.

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