HIGHLIGHTS: Canada vs. El Salvador (Concacaf 2022 World Cup Qualifying, Sept. 8, 2021)


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  1. 캐나다가 엘살바도르를 쉽게 이겨서 첫 승을 거두면서 기분 좋게 승리를 해서 너무 좋네.엘살바도르의패스와수비 실책을 해서 완전 실망감이 크네.

  2. Congratulations, representing well. Crisper passing in D ! The left D was almost takin out because of a weak pass from the Center.
    Other than that amazing !!

  3. I'm from El Salvador 🇸🇻 but Canada is doing a great job I think that Canada is going to qualify to the world cup El Salvador 🇸🇻 we have to work hard to do it ❤️🇸🇻💪

  4. If youre Canadian do not translate this comment, no centroardidos Canada no nos va a ganar somos los padres de toda Concacaf y titulos y participaciones internacionales lo avalan! Asi que por un empate con Panama no demuestra nada, cuando tengan a panama en sus casas o en el rommel vienen y me dicen que tal les va!

  5. Wow how canada has evolved, this is a top team, wow the speed, control, walls, passing, power, technique, woowwwww

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