HIGHLIGHTS: CF Montréal vs. Philadelphia Union | March 05, 2022

HIGHLIGHTS: CF Montréal 1-2 Philadelphia Union, 03/05/2022

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  1. excellent opportunity to acquire a great professional athlete, defender of the Brazilian school, (Brazilian under 17 team) very technical and versatile, plays on both sides of the defense and head of the area, high skill and great ball outputs forming the best base in Brazilian Football in Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro. which exports players all over the world, the so-called moleques de xerem.

  2. the feild is so small it looks like an indoor game at times. especially how congested it gets at the middle.

  3. It was a foul for Montreals second goal but they gotta call it in the moment or they will look bad for overturning goals

  4. Drew Fischer is a terrible ref. It’s the same thing every time. 3 yellow cards for CF Montreal on first time challenges? On the second goal, if you’re gonna give a foul do it live? And then he gave a red card to “make up for it”. I was at the stadium and the ref completely affected the flow of the game, the momentum and the crowd. Terrible refereeing, either you let them play or you don’t… Made the game all about himself as usual.

  5. Good showing by the fans, had a great atmosphere throughout the game, until the second goal came for Philadelphia. B- for the team support 🙌 💙

  6. Speaking as a neutral I'm extremely confused as to why the second goal from Montreal was overturned. A bad look for VAR in my opinion, or at least a highly suspect interpretation of clear and obvious evidence. Overall a good game though.

  7. Second yellow card was legit, the first one was stupid. Nonetheless a solid win from the Union. An improvement over last week for sure.

  8. Uhre has a lot of pace and he looks promising !!! He’s the type of player that we need which is the total opposite of przybylko. I’m pleased with the signing !

  9. Again…that 2nd yellow leading to the red….the 2nd announcer is making excuses. Lame. It was a foul.

  10. Union completely smothered Montreal away, great win for them! Also what a ball from Wagner on the 2nd goal 🔥🔥

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