HIGHLIGHTS: Colorado Rapids vs. Austin FC | July 04, 2022

HIGHLIGHTS: Colorado Rapids vs. Austin FC, 07/04/2022

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  1. How that Colorado player managed to hit, of ALL things, at 5:48 the 'Keepers' hand-glove when he was literally two FEET in front of the goal I will never know unless I was him making that connection with the ball in that moment myself…

    In completely unrelated news, 1. My ears keeping wishing the commentators sounded more of the English PL announcers of the 2003-2006 years. 2. I keep waiting for Arsenal FC to recreate their squad into a newer version of the 'Invincibles' from 2003-2004. No offense, MLS nor Austin FC.

  2. The first 25 mins was phenomenal from the Rapids, then we make 2 AVOIDABLE defensive mistakes and ultimately gave the game away. This was ours, Cmon Boys.

  3. So tired of giving soccer a chance and all you see is grown men flopping around like fish faking injuries. It's really obvious when somebody is faking and the player should be suspended for two or more games. Somebody touching your foot or tripping over grass doesn't hurt.

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