1. some please tell me why is there a wolf sound every time there is a kick-off at Minnesota United FC stadium

  2. how can you be a ref and make such a bad call of a red card. he had that the wrong way flopping should be a red.

  3. Defensive shape was better most of this game for my loons. They chase to much but they were solid for most.
    Midfield transitions are still hit and miss. Sloppy touches and give aways because they lack good spacing and purpose. Only Reynoso has the talent to move the ball and create purpose. They also got beat off the ball to easily.
    Our striking is still a huge problem. Philly gave them 2 of their goals with garbage defending and goal keeping. Taking advantage of mistakes is great but the built up and organic chances need to be finished.
    Other than a poor clearance that lead to a goal on a corner, Miller was great again.
    A better game than the last for sure, but so much to work out still. Mentanair needs to keep his head and remain cool. It's crunch time and they need their best to stay in playoff contention.

  4. Minnesota neds to buy Philly's defense a gift bag, flowers, and chocolate, for giving away all those cheap goals.

  5. Me parece increíble toda la gente que asiste al estadio cuando el soccer se supone no es un deporte muy seguido por los americanos y como viven en las tribunas el partido eso me pone a pensar que es n un futuro y con el mundial cerca el soccer va a tener mucha más acogida en eeuu

  6. is Minnesota's goalkeeper always this bad when the other team crosses the ball into the box? He gets lost in there judging from the highlights.

  7. La defensa del Philly es atrozmente mala. Literal ví un par de veces cada gol xq no podía creer las pelotas que perdian cerca o dentro del area

  8. In what world is that a red card? No other league calls that. Get your fuckin refs together MLS you dumb cunts. Emotions run high. It happens.

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