How To Improve Your Weak Foot in Soccer | Learn To Shoot & Dribble With Both Feet

11 Exercises To Improve Your Weak Foot In Soccer In Less Than One Week.

If you are looking for a tutorial on how to become two-footed and improve your weak foot, then this is the right video for you.

In this video I explain 11 Exercises you should train consistently to improve your weak foot in no time, these exercises consist of Dribbling, Passing, and Shooting Drills so that you can improve every aspect of your weak foot.

The first Four drills are Passing Drills, then there is Four Dribbling Drills, Then Two First Touch Drills, and at last one Shooting Drill.

I Used Only My Weak Foot In All Of These Drills, So You Should Use Only Your Weak Foot, and in no time you’ll see a huge difference in less than a week, after one month you’ll feel comfortable to use your weak foot.

To Give You Some Hope, I Myself used this type of drills to improve my weak foot 2 years ago, and in one month I saw a massive difference and now as you can see in the video, my weak foot is no longer weak.

Needless to say, If you become two-footed player, you’ll be unstoppable. No Defender can predict to which side you are moving, and no goalkeeper can predict when you will shoot and to which corner you’ll shoot. So Being Two-Footed Unlock for you many opportunities and give you more advantage on other if you want to become a Pro.

To give a hint, Be consistent otherwise you’ll live the rest of your life with only using your strong foot.

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Intro: (0:00)
Eleven Drills: (0:06)
Two Touch Passing: (0:16)
One Touch Passing: (0:39)
One Two Passing: (1:02)
Sole Roll Passing: (1:27)
Single In Out: (1:53)
La Croqueta: (2:11)
Roll Over: (2:29)
Zig Zag: (2:47)
Cumulative Juggles: (3:07)
Cumulative Weak Foot Juggles: (3:28)
Shooting: (3:54)
Tips: (4:13)
Outro: (4:19)

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