1. Thank you so much for this video! I have soccer tryouts soon so I’ll be needing this! Thank you lots! Just subscribed!

  2. Another tip lock your ankle if u hit with a floppy your shot will be weak and do a one two or 1v1 drill where u can get a shot quick so in game instinct will take over and u won’t overthink it

  3. THANK YOU!!! I’ve been teaching my self soccer and I kept kicking the ball with it rolling flat on the ground, but this really helped!❤️

  4. A lot of people can shoot good but what makes the difference is if u can shoot with defender on u

  5. I've been watching similar videos from my childhood ..
    It is practice which will make u shoot better.. tutorials will contribute only 10% of ur shooting journey.. it is practice 90% which no one tells u ..
    All the best ..

  6. Another tip-when you follow through, try to land on you kicking foot. I do this and hit bangers all day

  7. He didn’t even follow threw all the way he stoped mid way and it has nothing to do with going all the was I kick it and stop and I still hit bangers

  8. Thanks now i can shoot the football with power really nice video may your video go viral

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