1. Or do the useful trick, kick the ball in Goal, then Leave the game and then return to the match, and voila, you save time by doing that.

  2. You can push an enemy in the corner with equador activate his super and the enemy's life will drain to 0 if done correctly ( it's not hard )

  3. Yoyo unlocked Morroco using Ukraine with the trick of enclosing the rival in his own goal and activating Ukraine's super, since it is super, it does a lot of damage if the rival is cornered, it worked for me

  4. I've got a quick question
    Can I use ANY pets to unlock this character, or only just that you used?

  5. I did it first try with 1 Minute and 30 seconds left. It’s not that hard but you have to be quick with the controls, and is Ukraines power activation. Thanks for the video Dan

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