I played in a PRO FUTSAL MATCH! (Crazy Football & Soccer Skills, Goals, Nutmegs)

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YES GUYS! WELCOME BACK! I played in a PRO Football / Futsal / Soccer match vs WEST LONDON FUTSAL! This team has played in the highest Futsal League in England so this will be a CRAZY MATCH for Ldn Movements FC! Hopefully you guys enjoy this real full match footage, there is some INSANE Skills, Goals, highlights & of course NUTMEGS! If you do enjoy, please don’t forget to SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON! Drop a comment below & Don’t forget to subscribe! #Football #Futsal #Skills

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  1. I played Futsal for many years as a goalkeeper. Your boy Razza has his positioning down. He needs to work on his reaction time. His head during this game was focused on you guys scoring rather than stopping the ball on some of the goals. I fell for that trap many times when I played. Loosing focus for a second can cause a slower reaction specially when playing Futsal.

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