Jimmy Bullard's GREATEST Soccer AM goals! 😲🚀


Take a look at some of the best goals from Jimmy Bullard during his time at Soccer AM! Showing his what he can do, we bring you a mix of volleys, headers and lobs, let us know which goal is your favourite!

1. Wolves YKTD 2016
2.Kevin Phillips YKTD 2019
3. Chelsea Women YKTD 2018
4. Rochdale YKTD 2016
5. Man City Women YKTD 2020
6. Derby YKTD 2016
7. Wolves YKTD 2016
8. Juventus (Pjanic) YKTD 2020




  1. Met Jimmy so many times down Willinghurst fishery and his energy is infectious. Top bloke and still a top striker of a football

  2. Why is he pretending to be a world class footballer because he's not. It's just sad

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  4. foden is our best player and I'm a utd comparing greenwood a deadly in the box with being angry birds star anal from a plane with a car it's moving through the ground like a car.

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  8. JB is one of the most naturally gifted footballers I think I have ever seen. And as a Forest fan, that is no mean feat. Tireless, optimistic, good natured, and a true believer in our beautiful game. Proper naughty player.

  9. This Jimmy I'm so glad I got to watch him play in real life legend he should be a pundit

  10. Anyone else think that Lloyd or whatever his name is has no part in soccer AM. No humour, no skill and about as good as football as a paralysed year 7. Absolute clown

  11. I have respect for how fit he's kept himself. I can see why he hasn't played in any charity matches, he'd run circles around pot-bellied retired legends.

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