1. She is a cisgender female ,not a trans , jordan made this pitty acusation because they were butt hurt about Iran's win over Jordan, that whats looser do , probably they havent seen a strong female athelete so thats why they are suprised 🤷🏻‍♀️
    She is a strong girl who has worked hard to fullfill her dreams ,and now people are misgendering her instead of supporting her
    To be an athelete you have to be talented not a beauty queen ,being more musculine represented doesnt mean she is a male
    but hey its middle east and sexism, transphobia and misygony is real ! So I should not excpect much

  2. She is not trans she is female she was born female people make fun of her face she had tough Time in her life even now because of some people go read her bio she is like sample of hardworking

  3. Jordan really showed how foolish and incompetenet they are! Try working harder next time and stop embarrasing yourself with these laughable accusations.

  4. She is a woman and the Asian Football Confederation has confirmed this. People who judge others by their appearance should be ashamed. Why didn't Jordan request the gender determination of the goalkeeper of the Iranian national team before the game? Jordan is just looking for excuses.

  5. She moves like a man, she express emotions like men do, teammates do not hug her like players always do. There do not need to check hormone, but genitals and very carefully!

  6. For those who disrespected Iranian goal keeper, Zohreh was born and raised in southern part of Iran .Ahvaz . She is a strong independent woman. Worked hard as a carpenter to make her ends meet prior to start training as a professional football player and football federation didn’t shower her with American dollars for training unlike some Arab countries!

    However, any compensation will not heal the trauma that she went through from being bullied by Jordanian federation, but I hope she can get something out of it for this unprofessional, childish,and disrespectful behaviour of Jordanian side.

    It’s a football game for god sake! Accept the fact that you were defeated and call it a day! Do not disrespect an innocent woman. It’s not even permitted in your religion if you really believe in anything!
    Can’t hear feminist activists make a scene on this one, yeah coz she is an Iranian woman who’s wearing hijab and they are not interested this time!

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