Jose Mourinho Explains Soccer To A Baffled Ted Lasso

Jose Mourinho got a surprise call during the UCL Final.

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  1. Football is the best sport, the way they kick the ball with their feed and only the goalie can use his hands…

  2. The fact that he said he missed the entertainment kills me 😂 to us the football is the entertainment

  3. Originally i didnt want to watch Ted Lasso. Dude look weird, but then i remember him from Meet the Millers so i gave it a chance. Now im hooked on the show to bad is part of apple. Only got to see it because my girl has an iphone and they gave us Apple TV for free for a year. Nate is a dick

  4. Impressive the time invested to put two big persons that you cannot distinguish it being shot on different takes. Imagine the chemistry you would create if these were actually put together

  5. I do like Jose, once he's not at the tail end of one of his managing spells and about to be fired, although this usually leads to some fairly entertaining rants, so that can be kind of fun too.
    But I definitely prefer happier Jose.

  6. We need more of these. He should have these with different coaches or a zoom with like all of them 😂😂

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