Kopanito All-Stars Soccer Trailer

Kopanito is an arcade 2D soccer game created and developed by a three person team at Polish development house MerixGames.

After becoming bored with excessive realism of modern football games they wanted more fun and dynamism. This comes in the form of super-moves which can turn the game upside down, including windmaker, supershot, magnet and teleport. There’s no referees and no offsides, so no holding back in the tackle!

Kopanito also focuses on diversity, letting you choose from over 113 cartoony national teams. There are also seven colorful stadiums to play in.

Their inspiration is to bringing back memories of past classics Kick off, Nintendo World Cup and Sensible Soccer (a favourite of DarkZero’s!).

Each team has six players (one of these is your goalkeeper) each rated by toughness, speed, shooting, passing and tackling.

In single player and co-op modes there are 16 championships to play through. Local multiplayer supports up to 5 players (4 gamepads + keyboard).

Currently in development on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

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