Learn Colors with Colorful 3D Shapes Soccer Balls for Children | Fun Learning Videos by Kidscamp

Learn 3D Shapes and colors for Children with colorful Soccer Balls dipped in Color Water, changing Colors and many more learning colors educational fun learning videos for kids and children by KidsCamp!

00:00 – Learn Colors and Shapes with Water Dipping Jars
02:02 – Learn Colors with Candy Lollipops Xylophone
03:57 – Learn Fruits and Colors with Dancing Machine Balls
06:08 – Learn Colors with Soccerballs Ice creams
07:56 – Dancing Machine Balls
09:54 – Dancing Machine Balls with Colors
11:56 – Dancing Machine Balls with Soccer Balls
15:45 – Find Elly’s Clown Face
17:17 – Elly’s Face Painting with fruits and vegetables
19:46 – Learn Shapes with Elly
22:22 – Fruits with Elly
24:22 – Learn Numbers with Soccer Balls Ice Cream
26:39 – Learn Colors with Dancing Balls Machine

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