Long Shot SCREAMER Goal At My FIRST EVER Soccer Game!

My First Football/Soccer Game! FC Dallas vs Colorado Rapids | April 09, 2022

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Twitch: dabronco0

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  1. Awesome Vlog! I really would like to see more MLS games. Gives us a nice insight and game looked pretty solid too. The long shot goal was a banger!

  2. This is so cool glad that bronco getting involved irl more in football. I remember my first football game at around age 10 and it was crazy (a lot more swearing tho but it was class)

  3. Bro you should make a dallas fc Fan channel . On the side. Like AFTV. Find some interesting hardcore fans and interview them before and after . Or just After

  4. can't wait for 2023 season when we finally get our team in st louis been waiting for 23 years just for our city to get a team wonder how much longer we gotta wait for a basketball team i will keep dreaming maybe one day soon take away the blues and the cardinals no one cares for those sports and just give us soccer and basketball

  5. I love the whole thing, but those damn cowbells I can't get over, I'd be hitting people in they head 😅😅😅😅 i suppose they do that when we would chant instead, its all cool though, love seeing you become more and more knowledgeable and falling in love with the sport man✅

  6. Ayy glad to see your enjoying soccer and it’s dope to see that you got to go to an FC Dallas game! Yuhh!!!! You should go to the games more often bro especially sense they’re doing pretty well this season so far. The games be lit as fuck especially the play off games if you ever get the chance to go.

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