Manchester City 3-2 QPR – As it happened on Soccer Saturday

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The 2011/2012 season ended in the most dramatic circumstances as Manchester City pipped Manchester United to the Premier League title. This is how the action unfolded on the final day of the season.

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  1. This hurt every Man Utd fan but what a comeback the following season, Man Utd win back the premier league & Man City sack their manager that won them their first premier league.

  2. Tbh I've met Man U fans who still think this is the greatest Premier League moment…you can't beat it! Unreal how it happened!

  3. Win by playing a player Mancini swore would never play again assisting the final goal after Barton got himself sent off on purpose cos he couldn’t be bothered playing and QPR literally handing possession to City any time they had the ball including directly from a throw in. Pathetic. Gifted title, not earnt.

  4. Im here for the 10 year anniversary for the 93:20!
    This moment gave me an identity, in not even a City fan im a West Ham fan but this moment has defied my whole life

  5. 10 years ago today . Can’t believe its been a decade . Been a City fan since before this . And watched this live. Now we are one of the greatest teams. All we need is the Champions League

  6. Stuck at home recovering from a car accident, this was the first time this American really got into the Premier League. What a game to suck me in, eh? I'm screaming, running around on a broken leg and feeling no pain after that Aguero strike. Sports are just the best.

  7. Football rarely ever makes the national news outside of the sports section. This one was the headline that night. It was probably the most kino moment in sporting history.

  8. We in the Arab countries enjoy watching matches on European channels because of the monopoly of broadcasting European matches for the benefit of Qatar

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