My Son's SOCCER GAME DAY! *WILL HIS TEAM WIN?* Roblox Bloxburg Roleplay

hello loveliesss!
💖🌈⚽️☀️since the weather was good today, leo’s soccer coach scheduled a last minute game for his team! will they win?

⭐️roblox name
itsakeila (unfortunately i cannot add anyone back since theres a 200 friend limit and i wouldn’t be able to add everyone back)

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⭐️business inquiry’s ONLY

⭐️questions i get a lot
how old are you? 20
editor? final cut pro
camera? canon rebel t5i
how i make my thumbnails?
screen recorder? open broadcaster studio

⭐️music information

royalty free music:

all song credit and edits go to the artist/owners!
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  1. Okay but like can we just appreciate how much little details she puts into her roleplays! She literally thinks of the smallest things that really makes a difference in the roleplays 💕

  2. Can someone appreciate how she makes these really perfect vids and spends her time editing it!. These are the best videos I ever seen! Happy Halloween🧡🎃 <3

  3. I love this, my daughter love watching you all day. Very good content❤❤💛💚💜💙💙💙♥️♥️

  4. Can we appreciate that she used male and female players in each team and we had a female coach- And there all different races- Ty akeilaaa

  5. Hi Akelia I hope you are having a amazing day also I wanted to say I would love to be in one of your roleplays I don't have twitter but I hope this works your roleplays are amazing love you queen

  6. hi Akelia I am a big fan of u sense the past 9months I love your vids and your kids are so nice a very mannerly.

  7. Amelia how do u do that hair hack it’s so cute, btw I love ur channel ur like the best u stand up for people and u never give up I love ur channel!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  8. Hi akeila, if you want to give Leo’s soccer team a name, I think pastelville pythons, and honeyville hammerheads!

  9. Im kinda late but can u make me a home in the game i want it kinda like urs if u can ty and i love your vids!!!!

  10. It would Be cool is they added a van update with possibility to addd costume bricks in it or all decorations it cost around 200k

  11. Akeila is so Kind! She always puts so much care into her role plays and has things from a lovely home to perfect names. We appreciate you so much! Have a great day/night!

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