The F2Freestylers met up with New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr to test out his soccer skills and to see how they deal with an NFL football!
F2Freestylers video:
NFL video:


  1. lol Odell looks absolutely REC playing soccer. Stop thinking otherwise. And anyone that grew up playing every sport can easily transition to another sport and look way above average. It's people who never touched a ball in their life, or only know 1 sport can't grasp this… Now if you'e Kyler Murray and become a 1st round draft pick in two different sports, now that's a completely different story…..

  2. They make it seem amazing. It’s not hard to talk a ball with one hand. Especially a soccer ball.

  3. I don’t care what people say but Odell looks nothing like posh & becks. I thought they always named their kids after the places they shagged. Where is Odell? Is it some snot-arsed village in Essex innit?

  4. I used to think the NFL was nonsense. Silly. But once you understand the mechanics of it, it’s a beautiful game.

  5. Fun fact: my name is odel… My nickname is dida (Brazilian goalkeeper who won a wc) and I am born In the same day and month as R9

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