1. Thank you so much mate, you have a done a amazing job. My friend was really struggling to understand about an OFF-SIDE. But after watching your video he could clearly understand the rules and better with the example you presented.

    Keep going bro, wish you a good luck
    You made my day…!!😎

  2. It's still confusing. A player out by himself with the ball, with only the goalkeeper to contend with, is off side?

  3. I played at travel team and I was good at offense but I always was offside and I was mad that I couldn’t understand it thank YOU SOO much bro

  4. What is the case… When ball rebounds from goal keepers hand.. And when the ball rebounds from cross bar…?? Plz explain

  5. Soccer is so dumb can’t all the defenders just stay near the center line then they won’t even have to play defense

  6. I actually play FIFA in mobile and couldn't understand why it says foul, but now I understand

  7. Short explanation – ball goes behind the opponent defenders by player, it is offside.

  8. I don't like that rule. I think they should certainly have some kind of offsides rule but I think it should be more lenient. It's the defenses job to play defense. This includes knowing where all the players are. I mean if a player is sneaky and can get behind the defense, that is the defenses fault. A player obviously can't just hang around the goal the entire game either tho. That's why they should re-think that rule and tweak it a bit.

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