1. I'm 9 i went in a random German football club and I'm from Kosovo so I hope I can make also I'm the youngest in my everybody is 12-17

  2. Im a mid goalie im 9 id say im good FOR MY AGE so i think its a 50 50 i might be a footballer i might not

  3. I don't think people should be feeding us these motivation videos as those 1.8 million that don't make it will not have any other life so it will be extremely difficult to find any sort job.

  4. lol hahaha that’s besides the under the table payments for players to make it through over other talented player so it’s even less than 180 out off 1.8 milli

  5. I would love to make it as a pro keeper! I’m in an academy but I don’t think I will but I’ll never give up 🙂

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