RFU v Japan | FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2021 Final | Match Highlights

Watch match highlights of RFU against Japan in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2021 Final.

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  1. O Japão a Oceania África 12 porcento que os esporte seja de dia como deve ser nois mundos,nois mundos do Brasil os mundo não delei

  2. Поздравления РОССИИ, а не Олимпийскому комитету России. Поздравляю РОССИЮ, а не Олимпийский комитет России. Какова цель смены имени? За что не уважать Россию? Зачем снимать Россию с ЧМ-2022?

  3. Russia is the top team in Beach soccer and futsal, but s***s in an association football.

  4. Comgratulation rusia por lo comseguido soy de homduras y me gusta esta seleccion🖒🖒☇ 3 champioms is world is beach☇☇

  5. Seleção de todos os tempos

    1-Ruben Fernandez
    12-Paulo Sergio
    10-Ilya Leonov
    4-Junior Negrão
    8-Ozu Moreira
    7-Eric Cantona
    6-Dejan Stankovic

    Treinador-Julio Salinas

  6. Russia: one of the coldest, least "beachy" country on earth.
    Also Russia: convincingly wins the Beach Football WC🤯

  7. This even more funny when you realizes that Russia doesnt have use his beachs (but they have a lot)

  8. Am I the only one who thinks that the Japanese keeper could’ve done much better? Congrats to Russia tho

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