Ronaldinho Proves That He's Still As Talented As Ever | Oh My Goal

Ronaldinho took part in a legendary el Clásico match at Israel and shocked everyone with his performance! Ronaldinho makes us believe time hasn’t pass for him and he looks good enough to play at the top level still. Watch the footage in this video where Ronaldinho will shock you!

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  1. Brazilian players missed 3 penalties in the Cup America Final with Argentina. They thrown the ball in the Argentina Goal Keepers hand. Look at a penalty Ronaldinho shoot at age 40, no Goal keeper would block that ball

  2. The 2000 – 2010 era was the last of perfect football. About 70% players used the exact same skills as we do today, expect they made it look so simple ( Like Zidane, Ronaldinho, Iniesta, Xaxi, Brazils Ronaldo and many others. I miss these kinds of players…

  3. I love football and DINIO is the only player raises my goose bumps on the pitch their is none other I won't call him the GOAT I would call him The GOD OF FOOTBALL HE DID IT ALL ..GLAD TO SEE FIGO CARLOS RIVALDO IN THE VIDEO AS WELL 🗣️ LEGENDS

  4. unrelated but imagine if ronaldinho took the pen for england against italy. lollll. 40 yearsold and still wouldve banged it in. the guy that hit the post for england had no mental. he was already tilted before taking the shot.

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