Soccer Game Gets Out of Control – Hoover vs Central High School Boys Soccer

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  1. Ahahahah football in America is so easy lol, half of the men on the pitch couldn’t even dribble the ball properly xd

  2. Apart from the fight was this a fairly fair game. What also stands out is how much the players respect the referees decisions in America. I play in Germany and the players just bitch about every decision the referee makes against their own team all the time

  3. This is division 1 soccer? Lol this looks like garbage, no one has touch and no can even keep the ball lol

  4. Haha dam both teams suck 🤣 and then they end in a fight and the ones who started it ran away 🤣🤣

  5. we call this pink fight … 🤣🤣🤣 come to Africa and you will see real fight football ⚽️…

  6. What’s that foo in the crutch going to do? Hahahahaah lying ass foo ain’t even hurt he just faking it haha

  7. Im glad the fight started and broke up that embarrasing soccer match…we played like that when we were like 8 years old….

  8. These guys suck…when there is a diputed ball in the air both opponents jump and miss the ball…its like watching 5 year olds

  9. as someone who don't watch Euro or American football, those lines all over the ground are a confusion.

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