1. I admit that Super Soccer isn't objectively the best on the list, but for me it's #1 due to nostalgia. Manual goaltending increased the enjoyment so much. Championship Soccer 94 [NTSC Sensible Soccer] and ISSS Deluxe are solid too!

  2. Captain Tsubasa 3 not present ???
    Capcom soccer shoutout = J League on SFC, indoor so excellent ^^

    Sensible soccer and all kickoff better on Amiga with the speedking pad

    ISS Delux #1

  3. 9:11, Super Soccer Champ from Taito on SNES… never knew, played a lot the arcade game
    ISS best series in the game, i found the Konami series from there and the code to let the Dog be in the field, good old days

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