Supa Strikas | Heels Over Head | Full Episode Compilation | Soccer Cartoons for Kids!

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00:00 Heels Over Head
Beach soccer training in Brazil goes wrong for Twisting Tiger when he sprains his ankle in the sand. Banned from doing his signature move, the Twisting Tornado, he feels he is no longer himself. A Brazilian Capoeira master helps him turn his frown, and his move, upside down – but will it be enough to defeat the flamboyant Palme FC?

20:01 Cool Joe and The Comet
It’s the biggest astrological event of the century: Supa Strikas take on Orion FC as a massive asteroid passes Earth. But Orion have to deal with another force of nature – Cool Joe’s “corkscrew” cross. But, with everyone looking up at the astreroid, can the Men in Red keep their eyes on goal?

40:24 Depth Charge
After a tour of Hydra’s remarkable homeground, the Floating Stadium, North Shaw and Liquido’s rivalry flares up, leading to an explosive underwater race. With the stadium stuck on the sea floor, can the rivals work together to raise the stadium before it fills with water… and before the fans ask for their money back?

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