Anti-fanboy alert! This top is based on the last Best FIFA Awards and recent players achievements. Don’t get distracted even for a second since all the aces of the king of sports are in this video.


Cristiano Ronaldo
What?! Cristiano is third place and not first or second? That’s how FIFA ranked him on The Best 2019 awards. After breaking all records and becoming Real Madrid top scorer with 450 goals in 438 games, the legend of “The Whites” transferred to Juventus in July 2018.

Eden Hazard
This place is for the Silver Ball winner at Russia 2018 and captain of the Belgium national team, Eden Hazard. The fact that the former Chelsea star is in this position shows that pro players must be very competitive to stay on top, season after season.

Lionel Messi
It was a tough competition, but there can only be one first place, and if someone must take the gold due to his recent performance, that is Lionel Messi without a doubt. But why is “The Flea” number one?
Matthijs de Ligt
And the Juventus central defender receives the pass. The 20-year-old Dutch Matthijs de Ligt is a prodigy and a true obstacle to the opposing team.

Harry Kane
This position is for the captain of the England team, since they finished fourth at the 2018 World Cup, and “The Hurricane” won the Golden Boot, an award for the player who scores the most in the tournament.

Frenkie de Jong
The style of play of the Dutch Frenkie de Jong has no match. After possessing the ball, he starts to overpower his rivals, make staggering passes, and occasionally end the game with an unexpected shot.

Kylian Mbappé
Speed, reflexes, and precision are some words that describe the moves of the dubbed “Donatello”. Kylian Mbappé is a true artist on the field at the age of 21. His reputation spread during the 2018 World Cup, where he was awarded Best Young Player and shot the fourth goal for France in the final, ensuring victory for his country against Croatia.

Sadio Mané
The Senegalese striker Sadio Mané is placed in the middle of this top, he led his national team to the last World Cup and is Liverpool’s number ten, a shirt that has also given him the nickname “Sad10”.

Mohamed Salah
If Liverpool’s number 10 was 5th place, now, number 11 is in 4th place. Quickly from Egypt comes “The Pharaoh” Mohamed Salah. At age 27, “Mo Mo Salah” has been in 6 different clubs but joined Liverpool in 2017 to achieve worldwide recognition.

Virgil Van Dijk
Liverpool has taken over this top! It can’t be! Has it ever happened to you that they’re about to score a goal to your team and you wonder where is the pause button?! Well, Virgil Van Dijk comes at those critical times.

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  1. Someone made a good point about Pele playing old heavy soccer balls. Same goes for George Best. Can you imagine what Best could be now with modern equipment and defenders not trying to chop his legs.

  2. Imagine being Mbape whem he was 14 watching world cup and after 4 years hes playing on the france national team and making the france win

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