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About Me
Name: Matt Sheldon
Age: 26
Nationality: USA
Job: Professional Soccer Player
Current Team: Tulsa Roughnecks
Last Team: Waterside Karori AFC (New Zealand)
Previous Teams: Saint Louis FC, Orange County Blues, SG Kinzenbach
Position: RB/LB/RM
College: UC Davis (D1)

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Essentially we are following Matt Sheldon’s daily schedule. Showing you his exact soccer training sessions, his workouts, his weight lifting/weight training programs, his diet/nutrition, and mentality as he progresses through his professional soccer career. We want you guys, to be able to learn, be inspired by these videos, to gather information from quality professional level training sessions and to apply this knowledge to your own life.

We want to help you become elite level soccer players!


Become Elite is the complete soccer/football/futbol training experience.

Our website offers completely individualized, customized training programs that model professional and collegiate workout programs. We offer 4, 8, and 12 week soccer training plans, weightlifting plans, plyometric exercises, endurance workouts, nutrition guides, guide to counting your macros, fun workout challenges, t-shirts, and much, much more.

Our Instagram page delivers advice, tips, drills, how-to tutorials, and instructional videos all in a convenient and free space.


Visit our website for customized soccer training programs, official Become Elite t-shirts, workouts, and much more.

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  1. I play really good but my lazy ass didn’t do anything all quarantine so I lost all my stamina
    Edit: I’ve been playing basketball and soccer to see if I improve it

  2. My coaches have always told me I’m the best player on the team technically but I can’t do it for a full match which is why some players seem better than me. I’ve improved my stamina so much throughout the past year starting I couldn’t even play a full half and now I can play 90% of a game but still need to improve

  3. Im grateful and sad at the same time.. grateful bcs ur video is great.. sad bcs i hope i watch this video when i was teenager. I have ruined my opportunity to become a pro, now im 30 and cannot go back to 16 or 17. Now i see football very differently, i mean i do everything wrong when im a teenager. I hope i have this perspective that time, and i can be a pro. If any teenagers read this, get a right coach, right mentor, etc.. and this channel is really good for ur way to become a pro.. peace

  4. I'm 18 years old bro, I lwk lost hella condition, got injured but wanna restart all over again, so ima just start using this Program and work my ass off till I get it, appreciate this info bro, great video🔥🔥

  5. I recently tore a ligament in my ankle and I was in pain for weeks. I’m going to start this next week and hopefully Ill be come match fit again as soon as possible! thanks for the video!

  6. Thank you so much Matt for this wonderful vid I know this will help me to truly increase my soccer skills and strength me in soccer, plus I have try outs tomorrow and I had a fitness test yesterday which was 3 Miles around the track at my school. But thank you so much again and I hope you have a great day!

  7. i think treadmills are perfect for stamina build and easier for your body as compared to concrete pavement, it's more impactful and could cause injuries because of the off-leveled ground where as the flat ground of the treadmill is just as soft and great as grass. good perspective on this video

  8. By full field run do you mean run from one end to the other or do u mean going from one end to the other and then back at the starting point? If anyone can help me out…

  9. I have asthma so I get tired sooner but I will recover around the same amount of time as any other player. There are stupid fake friends that belittle my game and say I don’t run or I’m not fit. Like messis coach said, “Even if he’s tired, he masked the difference” I have many skills that these people that talk smack, lack. Mostly it’s jealousy talking. I can shoot with both feet. I played U20 for the best North American soccer team, Club America. You see Ronaldo play? He walks and times his play running properly. These people that talk don’t see the game for what it is!

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  11. Your videos are all awesome! I am 20 and playing in the middle league of NS, Canada. Do you have any tips for a player like me that is not scouted and haven’t been in a youth academy? How can I really show myself to clubs? I never had a couch and its hard to have a plan and a schedule to practice and eat. Do you have any tips?

  12. Dude this was so helpful I start with my uni team at the end of summer and I’ve been looking for a fitness plan😂

  13. Last week I ran my first 5k without stopping and all the time I could hear the voice in my head saying that I can do it. Forwago, thank you so much for everything!!

  14. Do you want to talk/learn about God and Jesus? God and Jesus both love you and can help you with whatever you may be going through!

  15. As a former professional player…..this is joke…..Yes u need to practice , yes you need to exercise…The coaches and the trainers will help you and u need to help yourself….BUT u need to know how to play soccer……have the talent to do it…..otherwise you can train all you want…….but at the end you will need to go do something else…..if you are a buffoon with no talent……

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