The Evolution of Adidas Football Boots! Soccer Cleat History

We run through every major football boot made by adidas! Which Adidas soccer cleats are your favourite?! Comment below and remember to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and turn on NOTIFICATIONS for more videos like these!
Boot Evolution:
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  1. Since 1925 adidas have created football boots and we list the most influential releases since then! COMMENT below your favourite adidas football boot and remember to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!!

  2. Listen guys you can't get me to subscribe with only one video, I need to see at least two or three good quality videos to make sure that what I'm seeing isn't a fluke before I'm willing to have your notifications reaching me all the time.

  3. These Guys Just Predicted The Adidas Predator Freak Which Came In 2021 But The Thumbnail And The Posting Of This Video(2018)😵

  4. After 2009 the video should be called find the player by his boots

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  6. 所以球王贝利时代的足球太原始了,说明不了什么,足球鞋,草坪质量都不行

  7. Ok now how did the thumbnail just predict the future the adidas meteorite pack was released July 2021 but this vid was made in 2018 bru

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  9. The copa mundial could not have come out in 82 Bob Marley wore them and died in 81 they came out in 79 Though they were worn in the 82 World Cup just wasn’t released then

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