The Funniest Soccer Saturday Moments of the Season 2019/20

All the funniest and most memorable moments from another season of Soccer Saturday. From drinks breaks and VAR meltdowns, to Chris Kamara cardboard cutouts and sandwiches!

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  1. The old lineup was so much better. The best may not be politically correct in these silly times but nothing was wrong with Class

  2. There will NEVER be a group of people as good as this. Just shut down soccer Saturday now it'd going to be just so so so rubbish

  3. Love it when Chris Kamara missed the red card and also when he said fighting like beavers

  4. There was one time when it went to Kamara and he just said something like "it's all a bit crap really" and Stelling had to apologise and say "what he meant to say was that it's a bit boring".

  5. And now Jeff is off end of the season…. Don't blame him tbh not the same without the ones that got sacked

  6. Jeff absolutely brilliant, Paul, Charlie, Alan and Phil where priceless why they changed something that wasn't broke I don't know, stopped me from watching it.

  7. I love British football commentary and pundits. They're just having a good time while also being really knowledgeable

  8. Hi I am from the US and I have a question for anyone from the UK: we Americans generally get bantered by football fans around the world for calling the sport soccer instead of football and get told it is only acceptable to call the sport football…so why does Sky Sports from in the UK call this show Soccer Saturday and not Football Saturday? Or like the other show Soccer AM?

  9. I hope everything goes good for you kammy 🙏 you’ve a tough couple of weeks ahead but please God everything will be ok 👍 much love and respect ✊🙏🇮🇪

  10. Didn't even know these guy's where still working, haven't seen a decent game of football since Sky stole the rights

  11. They got rid of this lot to fulfill the "diversity" quota with people with personalities of a potato and look how boring and mundane it is now! I don't even watch it anymore…….such a shame

  12. It's like Sky Sports are figuring out how to make the most genuine English football show and they decide to just pull some random middle-age blokes in a Saturday bar and put them in the studio

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