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  2. Has anyone noticed that bubblegum princess and k-pop have something in common? If you pay attention to what we see at the beginning without much effort we see that the bubblegum princess as well as the bts are surrounded by flashy cheerful colors they live in a cute colorful kingdom everyone is united friend it even looks like an enchanted kingdom and the bubblegum princess is always happy lavishing affection always willing to help as well as the members of bts but if you look now at the other face of the bubble gum princess you will see that she is the cruelest and adventure time the bubble gum princess cruelly experiments on the other beings of the sweet kingdom she doesn't even care it matters she also loves to belittle the lump princess leaves her out of meetings with other princesses says that lump is not even a real princess when in fact the bubblegum princess who is not a princess herself leads the sweet kingdom being a dictator she doesn't care either in using finn sometimes even knowing he likes her a lot princess bubblegum uses a fake love a fake color a fake love rule coldly and very badly ity without anyone suspecting. here in my country millions of teenagers and young people are starting to see true face of bts and k-pop in general, which is something satanic and very cruel if you look and analyze you will see that there are millions of profiles of fanatical fans of bts Blackpink and other famous like ariana "big" lady gaga Britney Spears etc And these profiles induce young people and children to commit crimes for their "idols" they also teach minors to have sex with their blood brother or with their mother with their father they are also full of satanic fanfics where very well written stories something professional where it would be rare for 11 12 16 year olds to write millions of super well produced fanfics something professional it would be impossible for young people at this age to make such fanfics where they don't even have such a mentality and perfect writing, but with excessive idolatry content to bts and a lot of satanism always talking only about fake beautiful white girls who in theory are praised on social tv networks where those who pay r gets compliments but in real life these "white blonde and beautiful" girls never took a belt as a prize of real and legalized real beauty contest like the contest of each country like Miss Brazil real it's weird if bts in their profiles and videos the kind of "people they give a little space". All very sick induction of sexual relations between bts members especially with jeon jungkook including real gay sex scenes or sex with man and woman man very similar to jeon jungkook sometimes the image is blurry but the voice is identical to everything open in these profiles of supposed bts fans and everything open to the public where minors comment is funny Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube allows all of these celebrities everything breaks the law but it's open to the public and underage bts really have allies in this and it's obvious who the allies are , right Mr. Mark Zuckerberg? And social media company that chases only honest people who fight to have and live what is rightfully theirs and have you noticed that despite the lyrics of bts talk about "love" they never even question the supposed fans who do these horrible things for I wonder if the 7 good boys have always allowed this from their fans when this is all a very serious crime? Or is it the BTS members themselves doing this? i know jeon jungkook does all this posing as his own fans and he knows i unmasked jeon jungkook and he will answer for all of this before the world he is involved in endless serious things he is also a pedophile including many young leftovers bts and k-pop fans to discover a lot i met some young people and talked to them they got scared i talked to them because i was the first to discover his real face from jeon jungkook and he really is bad taking money from them fans without a shred of pity him do all this like a scammer and hacker i gave these fans emotional support from out of town my sister got scared when i showed her she said bts boys involved in this cruel satanic heavy thing?she said no one would guess so jeon jungkook started harassing my sister he is a hacker and for spying on me he got her phone number by calling barbie because a game i made said i would be barbie doll because of my face and i he called my sister barbie and she doesn't even look like me because she is the daughter of another father he is sick he persecutes me because i have the throne of germany and so i go soon he persecutes me because he is illiminatti he keeps harassing my sister she's a lesbian she told him that and still he doesn't respect her she got really upset and said she would change her phone number she knew it was him if you noticed kpop they don't give space to gays they don't don't allow people overweight they are idols they are very racist they don't have blacks or,Even the k-idols of their natural yellow color and they paint themselves white and do dozens of plastic surgeries trying to be European and the result is something bizarre and very ugly if any journalist praises this is for 2 reasons 1 they receive praise is they attack those who tell the truth because wanting to give a false superiority to artists seems to please the court jesters they need to diminish people who are really beautiful and really talented and really powerful to try to falsely and ridiculously aggrandizement of the famous 2When journalists support this, they don't tell the vetty they are supporting racism and lack of self-love since k-idols are racist with their own race and want to exalt the white race race is that there are no bad guys I'm from german royalty that's why jeon jungkook and Hollywood celebrities illuminariailluminatis persecute me and even though i'm from german royal family i preach the truth about there is no more white race scientifically proven and bts takes advantage of all this also they themselves in the billions of robots say wow how the boys suffer in South Korea and induce the fans to defend them and fight in their place since they themselves should fight for the prejudice against their race to end isn't it true? But they don't do anything about it after all they make a song saying about love and another one saying how they suffered and then cry and make angel faces on stages and lives all this worked perfectly for a while but it's not working anymore because young people have their eyes open to the truth now and they sided with the US leaving China aside when the China that helped South Korea win the war in China they were sad and the US persecutes China the US is cruel and I saw jeon jungkook attack Chinese with xenophobia i even cursed him bts are evil they are the worst thing in the world they ariana "big" miley cyrus madonna dua lipa Leonardo dicaprio pink floyd all hollywood and countless other dea political and media world wide are nazis today the illuminatis them are the same and the Lord Jesus Christ and I will reveal their true face to the world and after they fall and are destroyed forever the world will be set free and renewed. When someone seems to be too nice, be suspicious. … THE LORD JESUS ​​CHRIST THE KING OF KINGS BE PRAISE YESTERDAY TODAY IS FOR EVER AND EVER AMEN .THE LORD GOD BE PRAISE YESTERDAY TODAY IS FOR EVER AND EVER AMEN.

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