Then 1 : Soccer | Ziaktu : Maengi Ralte | Mizo Love Story Ngaihnawm

Ka zan khat thil pawi khawih avangin ka nun a inher danglam bawih mai. Mualphona leh mi sêlna erawh ka tuar zêl mai ang chu..Eng tak tawng zêl dawn maw?

This is a story of a girl, named Liz who met his first love after six years. Lets see what happen in this chapter one.

Mizo Love Story Audio

He channel-a Video te hi a neitu leh siamtu Rca – Chhangte Rùn phalna leh remtihna lo chuan chhuah chhawn phal a ni lo.
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  1. Story hi ka ngaithla deuh char2 a, a ngaihnawm thei thin khawp mai, mahse kan mizo thawnthu nisi changkang lutuk hi ka nuihza tel tlat thin, kan soceity nen hian alo in mil tawh em ni kati zawk hial kei thingtlângmi nu mawl te hian tuipui ral lam story hi keichu ngaihthlak nuam kati zawk mah, mizoram lam a nih chuan pipu te thlawh hma lam nen ka mitthla zawk tlat pek chu,kei nu mawlmang tak hian tunhma kum tam liam ta a, denise robin leh m&b hmaih ngailo tluk a lehkhabu lo bih thin khan kan mizo story hi a changkang tawh lutuk hi ka nuihza tel tlat a nih chu.. ka mimal ngaihdan kan ti lang ve mai2…

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